Ready for Any Crisis

  • Dedicated Triage Support

    Dedicated Triage Support

    GV-V.E.T. offers 24/7 triage support. Our expert team manages the flow of cases so your team can concentrate on what counts: seeing patients.

  • Ditch the Hold Times

    Ditch the Hold Times

    No more phones ringing off the hook. GV-V.E.T. keeps things moving quickly and smoothly while increasing your hospital’s capacity for handling calls.

  • Faster Communication

    Faster Communication

    Real-time updates so we know instantly when you’re at capacity and when you have space.

How Does GV Virtual Emergency Triage work?

24/7 Triage

GV-V.E.T. is a combination of our daytime & overnight triage service, supercharged for your emergency hospital. GV’s CSRs & credentialed veterinary technicians manage your call flow so your team can focus on what’s happening in-house.

Experienced Professionals On-Call

Clients can call in with any medical situation and reach a credentialed veterinary professional. The GuardianVets CVT triages the case and directs the caller accordingly.

Team Players

A GuardianVets team member will coordinate patient inflow based on urgency and capacity, and post incoming patient information on a virtual whiteboard or communication channel of your choice.

What Can I Do With GV-Virtual Emergency Triage?

Boost Productivity

GuardianVets handles triage so your DVMs & CVTs can focus on new arrivals and hospitalized patients.

Plan Ahead

The GV-Triage Team will screen patients over the phone & gather history before they arrive. Less time wasted, more capacity for patients.

Prioritize Need

Our team of credentialed CVTs will facilitate the appointment request if there is an urgent need.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is GV-V.E.T.?

    GV-Veterinary Emergency Triage is our offering for emergency hospitals. Our team of credentialed veterinary technicians triages calls, gathering history and clinical symptoms, and diverting non-emergent cases. 

    It’s really simple: we’re the frontline of your hospital. We unclog your phone lines and take the pressure off so your team can focus on seeing only the truly emergent cases.

  • Who is taking calls?

    We’ve spent years building up a highly experienced team of CSRs and CVTs. We look for multiple years of experience in the veterinary world, and candidates applying to our triage team need 3-5 years minimum ER experience.

    New hires go through extensive training before taking a single call and are shadowed on their early shifts. No matter a team member’s level of experience, every call is recorded, and we do regular call reviews to maintain the best possible experience for your clients.

  • How is working with GuardianVets different from hiring more people?

    Hiring is hard! It’s a struggle to find qualified applicants in the first place, and those that can hire often struggle with high turnover rates. It’s an expensive process with lots of hidden costs- especially in training. 

    GV provides support that’s never late, never calls out, and is available 24/7. We ingest your protocols and can follow your hospital’s SOP’s without needing training from your team. We’re a supplement to your existing staff that saves you time and money while maintaining a consistent experience for your clients.

  • How is this different from an answering service?

    Fundamentally, a phone service can greet customers and send the call back to you. They can potentially screen some unnecessary calls, but they can’t triage, assess the situation, or schedule according to your protocols.

    GuardianVets is a true extension of your team, providing a level of support that can only come from experienced CVTs. We follow your protocols to fast track the cases that need help the most, while diverting non-emergent patients.

A 21st Century Triage Solution

Our credentialed veterinary team and technology suite let you focus on the patients who need your intervention the most. Be prepared, no matter the intensity of demand. Schedule a quick one-on-one with a member of our team.

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