How Delegating After-Hours Means a Better Practice for You & Your Team

Running a veterinary practice is a rewarding endeavor, but it can also be emotionally and physically demanding, especially when it comes to after-hours emergencies. Juggling late-night calls, managing anxious pet parents, and fitting them into an already busy schedule can take a toll on your team's well-being, impacting both their morale and the quality of care you provide.

GuardianVets proposes a solution that offers peace of mind, improved efficiency, and a happier work environment for you and your team: delegating after-hours care.

After hours, calls to your office are passed on to GV’s credentialed veterinary technicians. We’ll follow your protocols to decide how to handle every case.
Late night emergency? Throwing up on Christmas Eve? We’ve got it covered. We’re there 24/7, 365 days a year so you can get off the clock and recharge.
Our expert team guides your clients through the 2 a.m. emergencies so you can rest easy. It’s a better quality of life for you and your patients. No more unnecessary ER trips. For non-emergent situations, we’ll recommend or schedule an appointment for the next business day. Credentialed veterinary technicians are on-call to decide the level of urgency and manage appointment requests.

Why Delegate After-Hours Care?

  • Reduce Workload and Stress: Free your dedicated team from the burden of late-night calls and unexpected emergencies, allowing them to focus on scheduled appointments and in-clinic care during regular hours. This leads to a more manageable workload and reduced stress levels for everyone involved.
  • Improved Client Communication: Trained professionals at GuardianVets are adept at managing after-hours inquiries and providing initial guidance to pet parents. This ensures timely communication, reduces anxieties, and allows for informed decision-making about the next steps.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: GuardianVets' streamlined workflow and triage system categorize concerns efficiently, ensuring urgent cases receive immediate attention while non-urgent issues are addressed effectively. This frees up your time and resources, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your practice.
  • Boost Client Satisfaction: Offering 24/7 access to expert care through GuardianVets demonstrates your commitment to providing exceptional service. This fosters stronger client relationships, builds trust, and ultimately leads to increased client satisfaction.
  • Improved Work-Life Balance: Your team deserves a healthy work-life balance. Delegating after-hours care can significantly reduce the burden of on-call responsibilities, allowing your staff to recharge and return to work feeling refreshed and energized.

How GuardianVets Supports Your Practice:

  • Experienced Veterinarians: Our team is comprised of qualified veterinarians who provide expert advice, accurate assessments, and compassionate communication during after-hours consultations.
  • Seamless Data Integration: We integrate seamlessly with your existing practice management system, ensuring all relevant patient information is readily accessible for informed decision-making.
  • Real-Time Communication: You remain informed throughout the process with detailed reports and clear next steps for each case, keeping you involved and in control.
  • 24/7 Availability: GuardianVets operates 24/7, offering continuous support and ensuring there's always a helping hand available for your clients and their furry companions, even during the most unexpected hours.

A GuardianVets team member will direct a caller one of three ways:

  1. Coordinate an appointment for the pet to be seen during business hours
  2. Contact the on-call DVM
  3. Refer the caller to your practice's preferred emergency clinic.

Delegating after-hours care is not about compromising quality; it's about creating a sustainable and thriving practice. By partnering with GuardianVets, you can reclaim your peace of mind, empower your team, and deliver exceptional pet care, day and night.

Visit today and explore how we can help you build a better practice for you, your team, and your valued clients.

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