Focus on the real emergencies

GuardianVets V.E.T triages your incoming ER cases, so you can give life-saving care to the pets that need it

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Trusted by thousands of veterinary professionals

Let your team deliver life-saving care

Send non-critical cases elsewhere and free up your staff to do what they were hired to do

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Stop spending on hiring

Take stressed and frustrated clients away from your team, and create a working environment they can’t say goodbye to

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Take admin pressure away

Sort and organize cases, and prep your team for whatever’s coming through the door

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What GuardianVets V.E.T can do in a month

$207,200 of revenue generated

- Urban Emergency Hospital Thornhill, CA

calls triaged

- Emergency Practice, Brook Farm, NY

336 hours of CSR avoided

- Urban Emergency Hospital Thornhill, CA

How it works

  1. Your phones forward to GuardianVets
  2. Our triage team urgency and directs cases accordingly
  3. We update a virtual whiteboard in real time, so you can see what’s coming

Your team focuses on providing life-saving medicine to patients that need it

Practice medicine, not management

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