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Don’t take our word for it, though. Here’s how GuardianVets makes a genuine difference for our community.

"Our veterinarians appreciate the quality time GuardianVets has given them with their families in the evenings, while still knowing our clients are being tended to after hours."

Independence Equine & Small Animal Clinic

"One of our clients came by our hospital in person to thank us for GuardianVets triage service. They called us after hours and GuardianVets handled their concern with their dog with care and knowledge. They were thrilled and wanted us to know how happy they were."

Community Animal Hospital

"We really love GuardianVets as an added value to our practice. We want to be available for our clients 24/7, but we all need a work/life balance too. Having the peace of mind that our clients can talk to a live person any time we are closed is priceless."

Sea Island Animal Hospital in Beaufort

"GuardianVets saved our sanity! When our clients call after hours, they reach a veterinary professional who helps them determine if they're dealing with a pet emergency. We've captured nearly $20,000 of revenue that would otherwise go to an emergency practice."

Hall Veterinary Clinic

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