Aaron Massecar (Veterinary Innovation Council): How to Use Telemedicine

In the evolving landscape of veterinary care, tele-triage has is a powerful tool, changing the way pet owners receive care for their beloved animals.  with pet owners and deliver care. As Aaron Massecar said in a recent webinar with us, when practices utilize tele-health services, clients visit the clinic twice as fast, are twice as likely to follow through with recommended care, and spend twice as much compared to traditional appointments. How does this work?

Faster Clinic Visits

Prompt triage from a veterinary professional helps direct pet owners to the appropriate care at the appropriate time.

Increased Likelihood of Follow-Through and Higher Client Spend

As Aaron states, when a veterinary professional explains the next steps and the importance of treatments, compliance increases. This boosts adherence, leading to better pet health, and increased practice revenue.

Client Satisfaction

The offering of convenient access to veterinary professionals saves time and reduces stress thus improving client satisfaction and loyalty.


Veterinary practices should integrate tele-health into their routine services by choosing a reliable platform, training staff to leverage technology, and promoting its availability to clients.

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