Solve your staffing needs without hiring

GuardianVets is an extension of your team, answering calls 24/7, so you can provide quality care to the patients in front of you without distractions.

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Trusted by thousands of veterinary professionals

We get it, hiring sucks.

You're overwhelmed with calls and the constant hiring and training cycle.

Your problem
What you need

Assurance your clients are getting the attention they need while you get the downtime you deserve.

What makes GuardianVets so powerful
  • Triages with licensed CVTs
  • 24/7 support (including major holidays)
  • Seamlessly works with all major phone systems.
What you need

Focus on the clients and patients in front of you. We’ll get them into the clinic with no additional hiring or training.

What makes GuardianVets so powerful
  • Eliminates high hold times instantly by adding virtual capacity
  • Customizes for your protocols
  • Seamlessly works inside your PIMS
What you need

Focus on the patients that urgently need to be seen. Divert everything else and take the pressure off your team.

What makes GuardianVets so powerful
  • Allows your team to focus on true emergencies
  • Updates for wait times and changes in trauma levels in real time
  • Offers triage, patient registration, intake and whiteboard management

What GuardianVets can do in a year

826 hours of talk time saved

- Rural, single practice (Greywolf, WA)

$237k in revenue from new clients

- NY Township, (Brook Farm, NY)

2,841 cases

- Cascade group, AH of Wenatchee, WA

Modernize your workforce

Add capacity, instantly

Add capacity to your team at the click of a button.

Dr. Salivan J. and his impression about GV–Call Intercept solution

GV–Call Intercept

Follow your workflows

Our software is customizable to your workflow, so we can seamlessly act as an extension of your practice.

Dr. Harrison E. and her impression about GV-Emergency solution


Grow your business, sustainably

Drive efficiency and enjoy new business without growing or overstretching your team.

Dr. Johnson R. and his impression about GV-On call solution

GV-On call

Immediate relief at a fraction of the cost

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Why work with GuardianVets?

The difference between busy and burnout:

Before GuardianVets

  • Working all night
  • High staff turnover
  • Missed calls, lost appointments
  • A high-pressure hospital
  • Time-wasting calls

With GuardianVets

  • Restful evenings
  • Long-term retention
  • A responsive clinic
  • Time spent where it matters
  • Cases prioritised and filtered

Our clients love us

Don’t take our word for it, though. Here’s how GuardianVets makes a genuine difference for our community.

We have had an excellent experience working with Guardian. The fact that you are integrated with Slack makes all the difference. We have a remote team that significantly contributes to our daily operations. Being able to chat with Guardian via Slack – where most of our communication is already happening – has been a major benefit. It feels like we quickly expanded our team and our capacity to handle inbound calls without the pain and hassle (and expense) of hiring a bunch of new staff.

- Evan Kanouse (Brook Farm Veterinary Center)